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Learn Bengali Colors Name in English (19 Colors With Pictures)

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Identifying a color is a big skill for new language learners. There are various colors but every color is not useful for our daily life. that’s why I selected some most commonly used Bengali colors name in English if you want to learn Bengali color name in English this post can help you a lot. Just read carefully and see the related video added below the article.
Color = Rong (রঙ) White = Sada (সাদা) Black = Kalo (কালো) Red =Lal (লাল) Yellow =Holud (হলুদ)
Color     = Rong (রঙ)
White    = Sada (সাদা)
Black     = Kalo (কালো)
Red       =Lal (লাল)
Yellow   =Holud (হলুদ)
Blue = Neel (নীল) Dark = Ondhokar (অন্ধকার) Light = Alo / Halka (আলো / হালকা) Bright = Ujjol (উজ্জ্বল) Green = Sobuj (সবুজ)
Blue      = Neel (নীল)
Dark      = Ondhokar (অন্ধকার)
Light      = Alo / Halka (আলো / হালকা)
Bright    = Ujjol (উজ্জ্বল)
Green    = Sobuj (সবুজ)
brown = Badami (বাদামী) Golden = Sonali (সোনালী) Purple = Beguni (বেগুনী) Pink = Golapi (গোলাপি) Sky blue = Akashi (আকাশি)
brown    = Badami (বাদামী)
Golden   = Sonali (সোনালী)
Purple    = Beguni (বেগুনী)
Pink       = Golapi (গোলাপি)
Sky blue  = Akashi (আকাশি)
Silver = Rupali (রুপালী) Grey,Gray= Dhusor (ধূসর) Chocolate = Khoyeri (খয়েরী) ash color = Chai Rong (ছাই রঙ)
Silver       = Rupali (রুপালী)
Grey, Gray=  Dhusor (ধূসর)
Chocolate = Khoyeri (খয়েরী)
ash color   = Chai Rong (ছাই রঙ)
I think these Bengali colors are enough for a new learner. So let’s learn…

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