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Learn Bengali 25 Expression Related Short Sentences

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Learn Bengali Expression Sentences 01

Suppose you are seeing that an awesome bird is flying in the sky. So you are amazed to see the scene. You want to share your expression about the bird. What will you tell? Wow! How Nice! Or How Sweet! Right? Hope you understand actually what I am telling. In this post, I will share some popular expression related Bengali short sentences in English. Also, I added a video about it from my YouTube channel. If you want to listen that how to tell these sentences in Bengali, you can watch it. For learning any language fast, this type of sentences is so helpful to make your friend surprise. So don’t miss it.
Bengali Expression Sentences 02
  How Nice! = Ki Sundor ( কি সুন্দর ) 
  Excuse Me! = Ei Je Shunun ( এই যে শুনুন ) 
  That’s Fantastic!  = Eta Sotti Chomotkar ( এটা সত্যি চমৎকার ) 
  It’s Great = Eta Darun ( এটা দারুন ) 
  Really Pleased = Sotti Anondito ( সত্যি আনন্দিত ) 
Bengali Expression Sentences 03
    How Sweet! = Ki Misti! ( কি মিষ্টি ) 
                What an Idea! = Ki Darun buddhi! ( কি দারুন বুদ্ধি ) 
What a Shame! = Ki Lojja! ( কি লজ্জা ) 
        What Nonsense! = Ki Baje Kotha! ( কি বাজে কথা ) 
              It’s Ok = Thik ache ( ঠিক আছে ) 

Bengali Expression Sentences 04

Yes, It is = Ha Etai. ( হ্যাঁ, এটাই। )  
How disgusting.= Biroktikor ( বিরক্তিকর ) 
     Why Not = Keno Noy? ( কেন নয়) 
Well done = Shabash ( শাবাশ ) 
That’s right = Seta Thik ( সেটা ঠিক ) 
Bengali Expression Sentences 05

It’s enough = Eta Jothestho ( এটা যথেষ্ট ) 
Keep Quiet = Chup Koro ( চুপ করো ) 
Quiet Please = Doya Kore Chup Korun ( দয়া  করে  চুপ  করুন ) 
Oh, Shit! = Dettori! ( ধাত্তরি ) 
How Strange! = Ki Aschorjo! ( কি আশ্চর্য ) 
Bengali Expression Sentences 06

Oh No! = E Hote Pare na! ( এ হতে পারে না ) 
What a surprise! = Ki chomok! ( কি চমক ) 
How beautiful you are! = Tumi Koto Sundor! ( তুমি কত সুন্দর ) 
That’s All nonsense! = Shob Baje Kotha! ( সব বাজে কথা ) 
Wow, What a sight!  = Wow, Koto Sundor Ekta Drissho! (ওয়াও,কত সুন্দর একটা দৃশ্য ) 

If you want to memorize these sentences, you should repeat these and watch the video properly. I ensure you these sentences really very useful for talking with your buddy. So, Today I should say bye to you. Please inform me, if you see any wrong thing. Thanks for reading. Happy Learning.

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